City Council needs to step up. We’re demanding City Council commit to our 3-part People’s Mandate and be the bold, progressive leaders we need in Edmonton. That means:

  • Increasing local investment.
    • We need City Council to hire local workers, provide accessible housing, improve our infrastructure, and provide food security.
  • Improving public services.
    • We need accessible, fare-free transit, stronger mental health services, and to decriminalize houselessness and reduce waste – not privatization and increased rates for less in return.
  • Investing in our future.
    • We need to commit to sustainability, equity, and economic diversification.

Email your councillor and ask them to commit to our mandate. We’ve already drafted the email for you, all you have to do is press send.

We need as many progressive voices as possible to reach City Council. By sending this email, you’re joining the fight for a better Edmonton.