Together, we can find leaders that fight to keep jobs local, support our economy, and expand the hard-earned services we deserve, like transit, road repair, mental health support, public safety, recreation, and more.

As we recover from the COVID-19 crisis, let’s push Edmonton forward.

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Act for Edmonton wants to build a new city council. We can’t do it without your help

Our Roots

Act for Edmonton is a group of citizens, activists, and community organizers fighting for change at City Hall in 2021. We’re proudly supported by local labour organizations that represent thousands of Edmonton workers, families, and neighbours.

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Our People

Greg Mady


Greg Mady is the President of the Edmonton & District Labour Council (EDLC). A member of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Greg was elected in 2018 to help the EDLC continue it’s advocacy for working people in Edmonton. As long time union activist and community organizer Greg brings a range of skills and experience to his role.

Why is he engaged? “For too long average working people have been ignored in politics in favour of a wealthy and powerful elite. If we’re not acting to increase the recognition of our value we are agreeing to see others benefit off of our work. I think we deserve better, and can do better as long as we do what we can as often as we can, together we can make it happen!”

Romy Garrido


Romy is a campaigner currently organizing on Treaty 6 territory. The majority of her experience comes from organizing around city issues, as she believes that the most impactful and tangible decisions come from our leaders at City Hall.

Why is she engaged? “The beauty of local elections is that there are no parties, so it’s important that we continuously remind our current and future leaders about the responsibility they individually have to ensuring our lives are better every day. Edmontonians deserve bold, progressive, and unwavering leadership—this election has the potential to get us just that.”

Brad Lafortune


Brad Lafortune is an organizer, advocate, and full-time dad on Treaty 6 territory. He has found so much inspiration and strength in working alongside Edmontonians on many campaigns. One of his biggest accomplishments was helping to successfully raise the minimum wage to $15/hr in Alberta in 2018.

Why is he engaged? “Because I live here and there is no other option. I care about the upcoming municipal election because there is an opportunity to come out of this pandemic weaker or stronger than before. I believe we can come out stronger, but that starts with safeguarding the public interest.”

Sandra Azocar


Sandra is the Executive Director of Friends of Medicare and has been a social activist for more than 30 years in Alberta. Sandra is a Board Member for the Canadian Health Coalition as well as sitting on the Board of Public Interest Alberta and the Edmonton Chilean-Cultural Society. 

Why is she engaged? “I’m an activist as this is the rent we pay for living on this planet. We have a responsibility to make sure that the world we leave behind will be kinder and better for our children and all those that come after us.”

Juan Vargas Alba


Juan is an organizer, student, and first generation Colombian immigrant living on Treaty 6 territory. Currently, Juan is organizing with Working Families Edmonton, along with Climate Justice Edmonton and Free Transit Edmonton.

Why is Juan engaged? “It is incredibly easy as a young person to feel cynical and defeated about the future. But when I am surrounded by people who care about the same causes I do, I feel stronger, and I know that we are capable of doing the impossible.”